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Walk – Day 7 – #bwiactiveoutdoors


What better way to mark Day 7 (walk) of our photo challenge with a guest feature from Laurie of As a parent who shares a love for the outdoors like ourselves, Laurie has written a beautiful and witty piece all about walking. She captured everything that walking means to me and makes some wonderful points how it such a big part of our lives (sometimes without us even realising). Once our little ones take their first steps, it’s such a milestone and one we anticipate with great excitement (hence the above photo is of our little munchkins hand-in-hand).

So please sit back, enjoy and continue reading below all about the joys and wonder of walking. If it resonates with you as much as it did with me you’ll be grabbing those boots/shoes/runners and heading out for a walk with a whole new appreciation for it. A great big thank you to Laurie for sharing with us all.

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Buggy friendly walks Louth – Ravensdale Forest

Not for buggies


Unfortunately Ravensdale Forest is neither buggy-friendly nor accessible (unless you’re mountain biking). We were on a day out, just the two of us, but brought our pal Piglet along for verification. He can confirm this walk is not suitable for small wheels and their occupants. While some of the paths along the trail would be accessible, getting onto the trail itself involves a steep and rocky climb.

That said we thoroughly enjoyed our short hike. We explored a bit beyond the looped walk onto the Tain Trail which leads you to the summit of Black Mountain. We stopped half way and enjoyed the breathtaking views over the valley below. An enjoyable spot no doubt. Sign posting not so great though. A small car park, picnic benches were the only facilities on site.


January Photo Challenge 

Join Us

The New Year; January; a fresh start; resolutions; a new leaf; whatever this time of year brings, elements of it (including the weather) can be challenging. Personally I’ve fallen off the fit & healthy band wagon for various reasons. While we know it’s the simple things that keep us on track, I’ve derailed.

So what better way to get motivated than to take it day-by-day and literally with this photo challenge. Do you feel the same? Would you like to join me? If so then post a photo using the prompt on Instagram or Facebook with the tag #bwiactiveoutdoors. Whatever it takes to get through the first month! The plan is to get outdoors and get active, it’s certainly a good place to start.

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for all your support over the past year.

Mind yourself, your health and each other.

Aoife xxx

Buggy friendly walks Louth -Townley Hall



We were very eager to explore Townley Hall after reading about the forest trails and grounds there. Although it was very chilly we wrapped up, rocked up and buggy pushed. We followed the road as it seemed the obvious route to take. While it was steep it was sandwiched in between a beautiful forest. However this was a particularly short road as we were stopped in our tracks at a second gate not permitting entry to the actual grounds. Continue reading

Buggy friendly walks Louth – Carlingford Greenway



Situated on the Cooley Peninsula stretching from Carlingford to Omeath (7km) this Greenway is very impressive. Not only are the views breathtaking but there is a real sense of escapism as the trail is completely off-road. Continue reading

Buggy friendly walks Meath – Bettystown Strand




Bettystown Strand is a truly fabulous spot to visit. The fact that parking is an option on the beach highlights the accessibility of it. Stretching all the way to Mornington in one direction and Gormanston in the other, the views do not disappoint. Continue reading

Buggy friendly walks Meath – Bellewstown Racecourse 



This walk was a beauty of a find. Located on the Hill of Crockafotha, at Bellewstown Racecourse, you are in for a real treat with the beautiful views and peaceful setting. Continue reading

Buggy friendly walks Louth – Oldbridge House



This historical site is home to a number of trails but unfortunately not all are accessible nor buggy friendly. However with the dry crisp weather we did manage to buggy along one of the grass trails and returned via the paved path. Continue reading

Buggy friendly walks Sligo – Doorly Park River Walk



The scenery around Sligo never ceases to amaze us and even more so on this stunning buggy-friendly accessible walk.It’s hard to believe that this was our first time to explore this river walk but without doubt we’ll be returning.  Check out our slideshow below… Continue reading

Buggy friendly walks Dublin – The Grand Canal



The Grand Canal –  a walk I used to take daily as a school girl, but my how much has changed  since then! You can read all about its history here. On this day we strolled from The Sally Bridge (near Sundrive) down to the bridge at Ranelagh. Continue reading