Share your walks

We would greatly appreciate your input and help us to create this database. After all it’s for all of us to share.

Here’s how….

  1. Head out on your walk equipped with camera and buggy
  2. Document the walk using your camera taking pictures of the start/end point, points of interest, the path, scenery and facilities (car park, picnic benches, playground, car park).
  3. Feel free to include photos of your family/ yourself/ your buggy but please do so using a back/side profile. This website is dedicated to the walks so we tend not to show faces especially of the children.
  4. Email your photos & info to

Let’s get out and get active. Walking is a great way to spend time together as a family, clear the head and of course participate in physical activity. You can’t beat it!

Thanking you

Aoife and the BuggyWalks Ireland family xxx